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Style Watch: Classic Aviators With Summer Whites

Posted by NISSA MOREL on

Sunglasses are an important accessory when creating fun outfits to wear on a warm summer vacation, at a neighborhood barbeque, or at the beach. Right now, we love the mixture we are seeing lately of all-white summer outfits paired with some classic aviator frames. The overall look produced ends up being clean and simple with a classic edge.

When choosing a pair of aviator sunglasses, make sure you choose a good pair with a gold frame and either gold or brown fade lenses – like our Preacher lenses that feature our signature twisted bridge. These sunglasses have an overall light and comfortable feeling paired with an extremely fresh look.


When choosing your outfit, go for a simple, white look with clean lines – preferably in a white dress or a white shorts/white blouse combination. Avoid frills, complicated fabrics or anything that is ill-fitted and too tight. Because this outfit relies on unique, eye-catching accessories, you’ll definitely want to make sure that your white dress, or white outfit combination, is simple and uncomplicated. The cleaner your outfit looks; the better your accessories will pop.


Sarah Jessica Parker brought this classic look back about a year ago when she was on the Sex and the City 2 film set in 2010. This outfit made such a smash that it ended up being used on many of the film’s promotional posters. Notice that Parker has paired her all-white outfit with gold, sparkly heels; gold aviator sunglasses; a gold clutch; and a chunky, metallic necklace. This outfit is clearly all about the accessories.

Like Parker, make sure you stick to gold and brown tones when choosing the accessories for your outfit. These colors will compliment your white outfit quite well and will even compliment your sun-kissed, summer tan!

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