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Our 4 Favorite Blogs For Optical Know-How

Posted by NISSA MOREL on

We love staying up on the latest eyewear trends in the business. We pay close attention to current trends in eyewear fashion, new breaks in technology and opportunities for optical education. How do we manage to stay current in the optical world while being so busy? Easy. We’ve got a few websites and blogs that we follow religiously that help fill us in on all the details we need to stay on top of things around here.

1. The Spectacle Showcase: Fabulous blog with a focus on high-end, luxury eyewear and sunwear. Great place to stay up on current fashion trends, as well as celebrity sightings!




2. The Optical Vision Site: An innovative optical blog providing information about optical education, information technology and industry trends – fast becoming one of the best resources around!




3. Eye Heart Glasses: This is a great street blog that we love to follow. They post interesting information about vintage and international eyewear. Great blog to stay current on trends!






4. Optical News Daily: This is a great go-to blog for never-ending updates on industry news, educational opportunities and tips all about eyewear and sunwear.



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