A Journey with Velvet Eyewear

A Journey with Velvet Eyewear

Posted by Cindy Hussey on

Hi, my dear friends!

As the founder of Velvet Eyewear, I am delighted to share a personal journey where fashion seamlessly intertwines with the well-being of your eyes. Join me as we explore the perfect harmony between style and eye protection. At Velvet Eyewear, we believe that safeguarding your precious eyes should never mean compromising on impeccable fashion.

A Spark of Inspiration: Let me take you back to where it all began, when I was the owner of an Optometrist's office and my daughter embarked on a science fair project exploring different eyewear lenses and their UV protection capabilities. Little did we know that this experience would leave a lasting impact, shaping our vision for the future.

Putting Lenses to the Test: Fueled by curiosity, we embarked on a mission to test the resilience of various lens materials against UV rays. With hammers, steel wool, and UV light detectors in hand, we sought to uncover the secrets behind UV protection. The results were astounding as we witnessed the transformative power of our UV protection solution, turning lenses into reliable shields against those harmful rays. Times have changed since then, with sunglass lenses now regulated by the FDA and UV protection built right into the lenses. By the way, my daughter received first place in the Science fair!

Nature's Subtle Reminder: Fast forward 20 years later, and I began to notice a remarkable correlation between regular sunglass usage by my friends and family and the absence of wrinkles around their eyes. To demonstrate this in a simple yet powerful way, I turned to nature. Placing tiny, delicate leaves in my sun-drenched office window, I compared those protected by our UV-eyewear with those left exposed. The difference was striking, with the protected leaves thriving while the unprotected ones withered under the sun's relentless rays within hours. It served as a poignant reminder of the importance of embracing sunglasses as a daily habit.

More Than Meets the Eye: At Velvet Eyewear, we understand that sunglasses are not merely fashion accessories. They play a vital role in preserving the delicate skin around your eyes, ensuring eye health, and reducing the signs of premature aging caused by UV radiation. Our sunglasses not only elevate your style but also shield your eyes, allowing you to maintain a youthful glow. We firmly believe that incorporating sunglasses into your daily beauty and self-care routine is essential.

Discover Velvet Eyewear: Embrace effortless style and eye protection by exploring our curated sunglass collections. As the founder and designer of Velvet, I place great emphasis on the "fit" of our sunglasses. A well-fitting sunglass enhances the overall experience in every way. I know you will wear them more, and wearing your sunglasses more is a must! From classic designs to contemporary frames, our sunglasses reflect your unique personality while ensuring your eyes remain shielded from harmful UV rays. Our commitment to affordability is driven by the need to replace your sunglasses regularly for optimal protection. Old sunglasses get scratched and scratched lenses let in harmful UV rays. By offering accessible pricing options, we empower you to prioritize both style and the well-being of your eyes. Never settle for just one pair!

Join Our Community: Are you ready to join a community of fashion-forward individuals who prioritize eye protection without compromising on style? I invite you to become part of the Velvet Eyewear community, where we celebrate the fusion of fashion and eye care. Together, we can redefine the concept of beauty and emphasize the importance of nurturing our eyes while expressing our unique style affordably.

Remember, my dearies, your eyes deserve the utmost care. Let Velvet Eyewear be your trusted companion in this pursuit. Elevate your style, celebrate your beauty, and cherish your eyes with me and Velvet. Together, we can create a world where eyewear and fashion effortlessly intertwine, leaving you feeling confident, protected, and gorgeous!

Very Best!


Founder, Velvet Eyewear


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  • Thanks for sharing your story. I did not know your beginnings with sunglass wear evolved from a science fair experiment! Very interesting!
    By the way I love my Velvet eye wear❤️❤️

    Connie Massey on

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