Learn Something New FREE - While Staying at Home During Covid-19

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Looking for a way to fill your days and feed your minds on a dime, or better...FREE? We have done a little research and found some great ideas to help keep us positive and motivated, while enriching our minds and surroundings. Plus, it's all FREE at a time when we can all use a little FREE in our lives. Here are our TOP picks.

Yale University - There is no better time to take an online class at an Ivy League school. Yale is offering some of their most popular online classes FREE. 

Duolingo - Have you ever wanted to learn a new language?  Duolingo was created so that everyone could have a chance at Free language education – no hidden fees, no premium content, just FREE. The founders believe "true equality is when spending more can't buy you a better education". We second that!

Open Library - Read the books you've been meaning to get to... all FREE. On Open Library you can flip through the pages as if the book were in your hands. Their ultimate goal is to "make all the published works of humankind available to everyone in the world".

GOOP - Organize your closets, spices, pantry, and more. There is no better feeling than walking into a freshly organized closet. GOOP is an online magazine started by Gwyneth Paltrow. Tons of great ideas for organizing, cooking, exercising and all FREE.

ZOOM - Have a ZOOM party. Stay in touch with friends, family, and work partners. Plus, learn a new skill. Zoom has had some negative press lately due to their explosive growth, but they will catch up. Their basic plan is FREE and offers all this:  Host up to 100 participants. Unlimited 1 to 1 meetings. 40 miutes limit on group meetings and unlimited number of meetings.

Here are some links to additional places we love to go online to get great ideas and learn something new.

Stay Safe, Stay Smart #LoveVelvet

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