Look Out! Velvet Eyewear is on Looklet!

Posted by NISSA MOREL on

We are super excited to announce that Velvet Eyewear is now being featured on Looklet.com! Check it out!

Ever wonder if a particular cardigan would go well with a certain dress? Or if you can layer that one shirt properly underneath your favorite vest? Or how about if a pair of sunglasses will match your entire look the way you want? Did you know you can answer all of these questions and more using Looklet.com?


Looklet.com is a virtual website where the user gets the opportunity to style a model with a variety of clothing, shoes and accessories. The site lets you layer clothing, pile on accessories and to see if what you have dreamt up in your head actually executes well on a model. Watch out! It’s addictive!


This virtual application is a wonderful way to dream up a world out outfits to try on. And Looklet will be adding a new pair of Velvet Eyewear shades to its database on a daily basis. So keep an eye out for more Velvet Eyewear on Looklet.com!


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