Perfect Summer Shades for Your Super Short Hair!

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From time to time you’ll see us blogging about various frames that compliment different face shapes, different hairstyles and different hair and skin coloring. We believe that there is a perfect pair of summer shades out there for everyone. It just takes a little research to find the best style and color to match your look. So, make sure you check back often for new and improved information about finding the best shades for your face. Today, we’re going to look at sunglasses that compliment super short hair for all of you rocker chicks with that super edgy, pixie hair cut.

Ladies with short, edgy hairstyles can typically get away with sporting much bolder frames in bright and interesting colors. Have you ever noticed how women with super short hair almost wear their hair like it’s an accessory? We’ve noticed that ladies out there with short hair tend to dye their hair more frequently – and typically get more daring with different, trendy colors. So, if you have a pixie haircut, or any edgy, short-haired cut, get yourself a pair of sunglasses using the same daring attitude you use when you get your hair done.

Look for frames with more courageous attributes. Be brave and go for geometrically interesting frames in bright colors. Ladies with short, trendy haircuts can get away with just about any bright color or interesting shape. Look for hot pinks, yellows, blues, greens and other attention-grabbing colors when choosing a pair of shades for the summer sun.

Our JAMI sunglasses are the perfect fit for all of you shoppers out there with short, rocker hairstyles. These sunglasses sport an incredibly interesting, octagon-shaped frame and come in an eye-catching yellow-brown crystal color. They’re fun. They’re edgy. They’re sexy. And they’re just perfect for all of you ladies out there with short hair.


So, there you have it! If you have short, edgy hair, the ultimate goal is to go bold. Go daring. Go bright. Find the perfect pair of shades that are unique and interesting – just like your hair! But most of all, make sure you have FUN when you’re looking for the perfect shades this summer. You’ll look hot no matter what!

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