Velvet Eyewear quick way to determine your face shape

Quick and easy way to determine your FACE SHAPE

Posted by Cindy Hussey on

Knowing your face shape is so useful, especially when choosing your sunglasses. This is a quick and easy way to determine your face shape.
Things you need:
Lip Liner
    Pull your hair back and look straight into the mirror so you can see your entire face. Next, use the lip liner to put dots on the mirror around your hairline, jawline, temples and chin. Now connect the dots and see what shape you just created.
    If you face is as wide as it is long, and widest at the temples and cheek bones, then you have a Round face shape.
    If your face is narrow with a prominent chin, wide cheeks and forehead then you are a Heart.
    If your face is about twice as long as it is wide and it’s narrower at the jaw then the temples, then you have an Oval face.
    If your face has proportional width and length with a broad forehead and jawline then you have a Square face shape.
    Remember is all about balance. So grab the lip liner and mirror to see just how easy it is to find out what face shape you have. Then choose sunglass styles that balance your face. If your face shape is more round, go for the square sunglasses. If it's more square, go for the round sunglasses or at least round at the bottom of the frame. If you have a heart shape, then choose the styles that are rounded towards the bottom and almost the same width at the top and the bottom of the frame. If have an oval shape face, then you can wear almost any shape.


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