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Velvet Launches Sunglass Style Boxes

Posted by Kyle Mason on

Hi there!

I have been listening to women, mothers, sisters and daughters for years about their sunglass decisions and...“I got it”

Does this sound familiar?

You try on your favorite sunglass style in all the newest colors.  The style looks great on you.

You know it. Everyone agrees. The color you really love is your new favorite hue, but you don’t buy that one because you don’t think it will go with all your outfits and you can’t buy two. What do you do?


You try on several sunglasses that ALL fit you perfectly, but you settle on the one style that you think will go with everything, instead of the one you love. You really want a change? But noooooo, the little voice of reason whispers in your ear. ”You can’t. This style might not be good for workdays.” So, you only buy the style that goes with most days. Sound familiar?

 I have heard these stories over and over and have wanted to help so many times. Everyone wants more selection, more color, and more style for a better value. Now you can have it. Just choose a Velvet Style Box that best suits your face shape or your favorite sunglass shape here:  www.velveteyewear.com/collections/box

You will receive a beautiful usable box that includes a selection of three thoughtfully chosen sunglasses along with super soft cases for each.

More color, style, selection, and more value!

Yours Truly!

Cindy Hussey

Velvet Founder




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