Velvet Eyewear 100% Female 100% UV Protection

What's Velvet All About?

Posted by Cindy Hussey on

Velvet Eyewear® is 100% female and 100% UV Protection since 1999.

Velvet Eyewear® is a female brand that is sexy, pure, and sophisticated, yet relaxed and comfortable. Our style is influenced by iconic American fashion and culture inspiring designs that are truly timeless. Velvet styles are hand-finished, contemporary and made from high-quality materials at affordable prices.

Our style and creative vision is that of our Founder and Creative Director, Cindy Hussey. Her talents are “natural” and from an ancestry of famous European painters, engravers, musicians and designers. Her eye for detail and practical sense as an optician since 1987 enable her to lead a design team to create luxurious eyewear.

Velvet embodies all the attributes that are so important. Clean designs that feel good and set trends for females. Beautiful high quality materials. Colors that are fashion forward yet very wearable, and the ultimate affordability.

The team at Velvet designed the first sunglass style box. The highly successful, Velvet Style Box, is a beautifully curated box of three sunglasses designed to fit oval, square, round, and heart face shapes. Each is an assortment for female style, shape, fit, color, and lens variation designed for YOU!


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  • Sunglasses are my everyday fashion accessory. Having Sjogren’s, it necessary to wear them not only outside but indoors as well; as light is a huge irritant to my eyes. Having a company that makes classic sunglasses at an affordable price is something I am always looking for. Since I wear them everyday, I like to have a nice selection of different styles to choose from. Velvet Eyewear makes it possible for me to have numerous styles and not break the bank.

    Danielle Miele on

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