What's the Velvet "Peace" Style Box all About?

What's the Velvet "Peace" Style Box all About?

Posted by Stephanie Petchers on

 Velvet Peace Style Box

 The 2021 Velvet "Peace" Style Box --- what's it all about?

We all want more selection when it comes to our sunglass wardrobes. More color, more style, more comfort, better fit, and affordable prices. And if you weren’t aware, we have just that in our Style Box Collection.

A quick recap for you --- we designed the first ever sunglass style box several years ago. It is a beautifully curated box of three sunglasses designed to fit your face shape - Oval, Square, Round, and Heart or your favorite style shape. Each is an assortment of female sunglass style, fit, color, and lens variation practically designed just for YOU. Three different styles, an assortment of luxurious color, super soft cases for each + a beautiful box to store them in, all at an affordable price.

Velvet Style Box

This year’s Style Box theme is "Peace." This inspiration came after thinking about the successful "Love" Style Box theme from last year and asking ourselves what else is important right now and how can we connect with that feeling and inspire others through our Velvet brand and products. Instinctively, the feeling of peace came to mind and the design of the Velvet "Peace" Style Box Collection was created. 

We hope you enjoy the new collection and find a little peaceful inspiration in your life through our Velvet brand!

"May every sunrise hold more promise, and every sunset hold more peace."



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