Velvet Eyewear, your color palette, and the best eyewear colors for you to wear

Discovering Your Seasonal Color Palette for Eyewear & Fashion

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Hey there, fashion enthusiasts! Are you tired of wearing colors that don't suit you and leave you feeling uninspired? Well, it's time to discover your seasonal color palette and start wearing the clothes, accessories and eyewear colors that suit you best.

In the fashion world, there are four seasons - Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn - each with a unique color palette that complements your natural features such as your skin tone, hair color, and eye color.

If you're a Winter fashionista, you're cool, deep, and vivid. Colors like sapphire blue and ruby red will look amazing on you, along with cool neutrals like black and gray. However, you should avoid muted colors as they won't flatter you. And when it comes to eyewear, choose Velvet eyewear frames in bold colors like red and blue, or keep it classic with black and white. Checkout our Chelsea in red and the Steffie in black.

Velvet Eyewear and Winter Color Palette


Spring beauties, you're warm, light, and bright! Pastels like peach and mint green will make you look stunning, as will warm and bright colors such as golden yellow and turquoise. You should skip the dark and muted shades and instead go for frames in warm and light colors like gold, beige, and tortoise for a perfect match. The Rosa in tortoise and blush are perfect for you.

Velvet Eyewear and Spring Color Palette


Hey, Summer darlings! You're cool, light, and muted. Cool pastels like lavender and dusty rose will make you look fabulous, as will cool neutrals like gray and navy. But you should steer clear of bright and warm colors such as orange and yellow. When it comes to eyewear, opt for frames in cool and muted colors like blue, gray, and silver to complement your natural features. The Bonnie aviator sunglass comes in silver and a ton of other colors. It's a great fitting aviator too. Sure to be a great style and option for you.

Velvet Eyewear and Summer Color Palette


Hello, Autumn beauties! You're warm, deep, and rich. Earthy tones such as rust and olive green, as well as rich jewel tones like deep purple and burgundy, will suit you well. It's best to avoid cool and pastel colors like pale pink and baby blue. Instead, choose eyewear frames in warm and rich colors like brown, gold, and copper to enhance your natural features. Our mint color is the perfect color for an autumn. The Amelia and the Rosa, two of our best sunglass styles, are available in this color. 

Velvet Eyewear and Autumn Color Palette


Try our app, Velvet Eyewear, to get your seasonal color match.

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Always remember that fashion is about having fun and feeling confident in your own skin. By understanding your seasonal color palette, you can take your fashion style and especially your eyewear and sunglass style to the next level with Velvet Eyewear. 

Feel amazing every day!

XOXO Love, Velvet


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