Embrace the Sun With Style: UV Safety Awareness Month with Velvet Eyewear

Embrace the Sun With Style: UV Safety Awareness Month with Velvet Eyewear

Posted by Cindy Hussey on

Hey there, sun-lovers and trendsetters! As the sun beams down on us, it's time to shed some light on UV Awareness Month with a big splash of style and safety, brought to you by Velvet Eyewear! Get ready to soak up the sun while we show you how to rock those shades like a pro and keep your eyes protected year-round.

Now, we all know about sunscreen and how it's our go-to buddy when it comes to sun protection. But let's not overlook our fabulous eyes! It's crucial to remember that sunglasses are our eye's best friend. Just like our skin, our eyes need proper shielding from those sneaky UV rays, which can lead to some not-so-fabulous eye conditions, like cataracts, macular degeneration, and even a painful "sunburn of the eye" called photokeratitis - ouch!

Why Velvet Sunglasses are Your Ultimate Style-Protector

Not all sunglasses are created equal, darlings! At Velvet Eyewear, we've got you covered with chic and functional shades that make you stand out while keeping your precious peepers safe; plus our sunglasses are armed with powerful UV filters that block out those harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Be sure to explore our Polarized lenses which work wonders in reducing glare! Whether you're sailing on water, playing in the snow, or driving along scenic roads, experience unmatched clarity and comfort.

How to Find Your Perfect Match

When it comes to finding your dreamy shades, follow these tips for a match made in sunglass heaven:

UV Protection: Look for sunglasses that boast 100% UVA and UVB protection. You deserve the best!

Polarized Love: Embrace the polarized life, especially if you're into outdoor adventures. Hello, glare-free vision!

Stay Covered: Make sure those frames cover your eyes and the area around them. Go for a sassy wraparound style to keep those sneaky UV rays at bay.

Lens Color Love: Brown, gray, and green lenses are the bomb! They give you top-notch protection with minimal color distortion. Double win!

Quality is Queen: Invest in high-quality sunglasses, like the ones we offer at Velvet. You can trust they're up to the UV protection challenge!

Show your sunglasses some love, and they'll love you right back! Keep the lenses clean with a soft microfiber cloth and be sure to store your sunnies in a protective case when they're not on your fabulous face - it keeps them safe and scratch-free!

So, my sun-kissed friends, let's make a pact to keep our eyes protected in style. Rock those Velvet sunglasses like the fashion-forward divas you are and inspire others to do the same. Be the trendsetter and eye-protector in your circle!


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